The tool you've been missing to manage your Discord server.

AwesomeQA answers repetitive questions, generates FAQ insights, and moves your Discord knowledge to Stackoverflow using state-of-the-art AI models.

Never write the same reply again!

AwesomeQA indexes all questions in the channel history, trains an AI, and automatically answers questions that have been asked before.

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Question insights for your FAQs

Knowing the most frequently asked questions helps you to generate the best possible FAQs and understand your community's most common problems.

Publish your knowledge

on request

AwesomeQA posts questions & answers from your discord server to Stackoverflow so users can find solutions to their problems with Google.

Solana Discord case study

Most frequently asked questions

Integration with Stackoverflow

Moderator activity

On the Solana Discord Server, AwesomeQA found 40+ questions that are repeatedly being asked. Based on these insights, Solana could update their FAQs and users are now able to find answers to their questions on Stackoverflow.

The tool you've been missing to manage your Discord community

Answer repetitive questionsAwesomeQA knows all previously asked questions and automatically replies with the solution, taking away the burden of moderators to keep answering the same questions over and over again.

Generate FAQsGet insights on most frequently asked questions on your discord server to improve your documentation and understand your community's most common problems.

Publish your contentLet users find solutions to their problems with Google - AwesomeQA posts all questions and answers of your community to stackoverflow to make them accessible for search engines.

Moderation InsightsReward your moderators with bonuses based on their support activity.
Get insights on how many problems get resolved and which solutions are most helpful.

Loved by Discord communities & moderators

Use AwesomeQA on any Discord server where people come to ask questions.
It's perfect for managing developer communities for crypto projects
and open source software.


How does the bot identify similar questions?

The bot uses the chat history to train a state-of-the-art NLP model that computes a similarity score for every new question and links similar questions when the similarity score is high enough.

How much does it cost?

AwesomeQA is free for small Discords and we offer a free trial period to larger Discords.

Where can I see the automatically generated FAQs and question-statistics?

You will be able to request all extracted results and statistics using discord commands soon. For now, please contact us and we'll send you the results.

Does the bot have access to all channels on my server?

No, the bot only needs read and write permissions and thus can only read messages from public channels. If you want to activate the bot for private channels, you can give it the respective role to provide access.

Does the bot directly post everything on stackoverflow after installation?

No, we will only publish the results to stackoverflow with your confirmation. Once the bot extracted questions-answer pairs and generated the FAQ insights, you will be able to go through the results yourself before requesting us to post them to stackoverflow.

What happens if the bot's answer is wrong?

The bot's messages come with a reaction-based feedback system. Reacting with thumbsdown deletes the message.

How do I invite the bot to discord?

Use the link at the top of this page to invite AwesomeQA to your discord server. Make sure you have administrator permissions or ask the server owner to invite the bot.

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