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Never write the
same reply again!

Save time by using AwesomeQA to provide instant
and reliable responses, so you can focus on growing
your community.

Integrates to meet your users on both Discord and Telegram.

Powering the world's most active communities

The tool you've been missing to manage your community.

Engage, support and grow your community leveraging the power of AI.
Our platform helps you to have everything covered.

ChatGPT integration to deliver
easy-to-understand answers

AwesomeQA, powered by AI, uses your previous moderators responses, product documentation, and internal knowledge
base to create accurate responses. With the help of ChatGPT,
it formulates concise answers, avoiding any hallucination.

Get data-driven insights
about your community

Gather insights into user issues, feature requests,
and trending topics to close the community feedback
loop with your product team and stay ahead.

Discover which messages
need your attention

The support portal cuts the noise to ensure you never
miss an open question. It displays all unanswered questions
from public chats and provides a structured platform to efficiently respond to them.

Customer Results

Saves 3 FT

community manager or support engineers

(assuming avg. 15mins per question)


accuracy of questions answered

(based on user feedback)


average response time reduced

(saves users 300 days of wait time every month)



(no more global support agents needed for 24/7 coverage)

AwesomeQA has helped us improve our user experience and
build a loyal customer base. With its automation and analytics features, we can streamline our support processes and respond to our users quickly.
We highly recommend it to any startup looking to enhance their customer experience in the community.

DAN - Community Manager

At Dune we love the AwesomeQA bot and use its insights about our communities’ most requested features to make better product decisions.

Fredrik Haga - CEO

Set it up in less than 10 minutes!

See how AwesomeQA helps you to
become a champion of your communities