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June 2022

June 2022

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The challenge

How were you managing your community before?

Dune is very much a sandbox product with endless possibilities, so there’s always been a large amount of questions that needed to be answered at all times.

Before onboarding AwesomeQA it was pretty much a full time job for 2 people.

What were the challenges faced in regard to community management back then?

Community Management was grinding through repetitive high level questions for the thousandth time, eating away valuable resources that could have been spent on doing scaleable things instead.


How long it took you to get started with AwesomeQA?

AwesomeQA worked out of the box for us, our team didn’t need to spend any time on the setup.

 How were those challenges resolved after adding AwesomeQA to your community?

AwesomeQA has enabled us to focus on the hard and concrete questions and allowed us to invest the saved time in other areas of business and community growth instead.

It’s been a literal life saver and has saved our team an unimaginable amount of time that would have otherwise been spent on doing repetitive, non-value-compounding things.

What were the impressions within the team about the bot?

The bot is amazing at learning from both the context of our Discord and our documentation and we have actually even built out our documentation specifically for the AwesomeQA bot to have more context to answer questions.

How was your customer support experience with AwesomeQA?

The AwesomeQA team has consistently gone above and beyond in the way they interacted with the Dune Team. Issues quickly get resolved, they are always professional and efficient in our interactions.



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Positive reactions

"The Dune community is super happy and impressed with the way the bot is able to quickly answer questions."


What would you say to people who are too afraid to use a support automation solution fearing their community might not accept/like it?

Just try it, I think the downsides are minimal and the upside is exponential.

How has been your overall experience with AwesomeQA?

I have been super impressed with the product that the AwesomeQA team has built. They did AI stuff before AI even was cool and it really shows in their product.

They are not riding some wave here, they are actually deeply involved with the underlying technologies and are leveraging this deep knowledge to build a product experience that solves problems for my community management needs

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