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July 2023

July 2023

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How were you managing your community before?

We were relying mainly on our 6 mods who were doing their best to answer every question and jumped on a few questions ourselves here and there, but some questions were left unanswered.

What were the challenges faced in regard to community management back then?

Repetitive questions were the main issue.


How long it took you to get started with AwesomeQA?

It was pretty fast. After adding the knowledge links, it took only a few hours for the bot to be up and ready.

 How were those challenges resolved after adding AwesomeQA to your community?

We got relieved a lot from repetitive questions. The bot saved us some time. It’s been great to have another moderator that never sleeps on the server.

How was your customer support experience with AwesomeQA?

Always super responsive, I’ve never had a problem with that.



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"The activity increased a lot since we added the bot to the server… but AwesomeQA is doing a good job, saving us hours of work every week..""


What would you say to people who are too afraid to use a support automation solution fearing their community might not accept/like it?

It has advantages and tradeoffs, but it’s a good complementary solution with moderators when you manage large communities.

How has been your overall experience with AwesomeQA?

It’s been very helpful.

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