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Sep 2023

Sep 2023

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The challenge

How were you managing your community before?

In our chats, there are mainly 2 core team members and 2 moderators active. Initially, we had to answer all the basic questions that are covered in our documentation.

What were the challenges faced in regard to community management back then?

A lot of time was spent on simple questions. And since we had a constant influx of new users, averaging 700-1000 such questions a day, the volume was increasing.

With such growth rates, we couldn't always manage to pay attention and respond to everyone, and unhappy users mean a reputational hit. So, at one point, we realized that it was time to look for a solution.

Hiring new moderators didn't make sense, as 1-2-3 moderators wouldn't give us the desired result, as we would need to pay, train, and supervise all of them, and we simply didn't have the time for that.

Based on this, we understood that we needed a technical solution that would work 24/7 and cover the simplest but at the same time the most labor-intensive work


How long it took you to get started with AwesomeQA?

To start working with AwesomeQA, it took about 20-30 minutes from registration to complete setup.

 How were those challenges resolved after adding AwesomeQA to your community?

Adding our documents and compiling a list of questions, their variations, and answers freed us from this burden. So, we only had to check and respond to 20% of the total flow of questions.

How was AwesomeQA better than other tools you had tried before?

Bots without AI have limited functionality, merely responding to keywords and accessing pre-entered information. With AwesomeQA, connecting documentation to the bot for FAQs and processes makes setup easy.

We opted for an AI-powered bot from the beginning, particularly impressed with AwesomeQA. The free trial confirmed it as the ideal solution.



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AwesomeQA has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in assisting the vast Robots Farm community.


What would you say to people who are too afraid to use a support automation solution fearing their community might not accept/like it?

In today's business world, refusing innovations like support automation with AI can leave you behind your competitors. It not only increases efficiency but also saves money.

How has been your overall experience with AwesomeQA?

We are very pleased with our experience using AwesomeQA and recommend it to all our acquaintances as well.

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