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January 2023

January 2023

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How were you managing your community before?

For roughly three years, many members within The Graph ecosystem helped manage Discord and acted as a first line of technical support.

Over time, Edge & Node, a core developer of The Graph, worked to scale its Developer Relations and Technical Support teams to provide more dedicated support for the community, but prior to introducing the AwesomeQA bot, these team members were sometimes inundated with questions (often repetitive) in Discord and other apps, which absorbed too much of their bandwidth.

This heavy workload is part of what caused these members of The Graph community to seek a Discord bot solution.

What were the challenges faced in regard to community management back then?

The biggest challenges were probably the volume of questions in Discord as well as the repetitive nature of some of the questions. Nobody wants to spend their time answering the same questions every day; this was a challenge for team members working on offering support.


 How were those challenges resolved after adding AwesomeQA to your community?

The AwesomeQA bot alleviated the burden from members of the community answering repeat questions in Discord. Not only did this free up their time to work on other activities, but it also resulted in faster responses to these repeat questions, which of course made The Graph’s community members happy.

The ability to train the bot on The Graph’s docs as well as responses from members of the ecosystem in Discord also ensures the bot is forever being trained and kept up to speed on new features, troubleshooting techniques, and general information that is valuable to users.

How was your customer support experience with AwesomeQA?

Edge & Node is very satisfied with the customer support experience. We have an AwesomeQA team member who is always available to chat with us over Telegram or set up Zoom calls as needed.



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"The bot has really helped mature and grow The Graph’s community."


What would you say to people who are too afraid to use a support automation solution fearing their community might not accept/like it?

The one-time effort required to set up and train the AwesomeQA bot is far less than the sustained effort of answering repetitive questions in community channels.

Why not abstract the repeat stuff away and have the bot take care of it while your team members can spend their valuable time on other tasks? 

How has been your overall experience with AwesomeQA?

Great experience - easy to use, excellent customer service, and well-received by our community.

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