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October 2023

October 2023

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The challenge

How were you managing your community before?

Before AwesomeQA and at the height of activity during the last bull market, we had to train and oversee 25 moderators, which was challenging.

Language barriers and grammatical errors were rampant, and a lack of deep knowledge about our ecosystem further complicated matters.

What were the challenges faced in regard to community management back then?

We faced several challenges: slow question responses, extensive time spent by moderators on inquiries, repetitive questions consuming resources, community member frustration, and issues like sudden resignations and poor language skills.


How long it took you to get started with AwesomeQA?

It took about 2-3 days to set up AwesomeQA. The team was excellent and very supportive, providing help both during and after integration.

The bot was straightforward to use from the start, with clear guidance available on their website and direct support through meetings and Telegram.

 How were those challenges resolved after adding AwesomeQA to your community?

AwesomeQA has significantly improved accuracy and response times, sometimes even outperforming humans.

It allows us to leave channels unmonitored overnight, confidently knowing the bot can handle questions.

How was your customer support experience with AwesomeQA?

The support team has exceeded our expectations, responding quickly to inquiries and providing detailed explanations. They're receptive to feedback and committed to improving their service.

Did you try any other tools/Discord bots/support automation solutions besides AwesomeQA?

AwesomeQA was our first choice for an automated support solution, and we're satisfied with its performance and the team's commitment to providing value at reasonable rates. We haven't felt the need to look for other services.



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Positive reactions

"Community members even mistake the bot for a real person, which shows their satisfaction with the bot's human-like responses."


What would you say to people who are too afraid to use a support automation solution fearing their community might not accept/like it?

Try it out. It's not about replacing your team but enhancing their capabilities by automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex, higher-level community interactions.

How has been your overall experience with AwesomeQA?

AwesomeQA is a next-gen community management and support tool that really makes it feel as though you're living in the future. It's easy to train and deploy, and works seamlessly across all of our channels, stepping in with accurate answers at any time of the day or night.

It's hard to imagine how we moderated our ever-growing community without it.

Elliot Hill, CMO.

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