Automatically Answer Community Questions on Discord, Telegram, and Website

Automatically Answer Community Questions on Discord, Telegram, and Website

Oct 5, 2023

Managing a busy online community with limited moderators is tough. The same questions keep popping up, and typing out the same answers repeatedly is time-consuming and draining. It's like a never-ending loop that takes up valuable time, which could be better spent on more complex issues or engaging with the community. And this was exactly what all the community managers we spoke to told us. The issue of repetitive questions and limited manpower is a universal challenge they all face.

So to solve this problem, we’ve built a bot that instantly provides answers to community questions on Discord, Telegram, and your website. Now you can free up your moderators to focus on what really matters. This solution allows you to streamline your support, improve response time, and better engage with your community.


The vicious cycle: Investing in documentation yet drowning in repetitive queries and ineffective workarounds

Companies invest a lot of effort in creating detailed documentation, FAQs, and other resources to answer every possible question. Despite this, they still get bombarded with support queries asking the same questions that have already been answered multiple times in multiple places. The reason is simple: people often prefer immediate, personalized responses over searching through documentation. It's easier to ask than to look it up, leading to a constant stream of repetitive questions that could have been easily answered by existing resources.

To cope with this issue, some companies resort to canned responses or chatbots with limited capabilities. While these workarounds may offer quick replies, they often fall short in providing accurate and context-specific answers. This can lead to customer frustration and increased workload for moderators, who then have to step in and resolve the issue manually. Essentially, these makeshift solutions don't address the root problem and can even exacerbate it by delivering subpar support.

The limits of existing bots: Intent versus impact

Some bots have been developed to tackle this issue by learning from existing documentation and FAQs to provide real-time answers. However, they often miss the mark for various reasons. The main issue is their inability to understand context, which leads to generic or irrelevant responses. Additionally, their performance is often subpar, causing delays in response times or even system crashes. While these bots aim to automate support, their limitations make them more of a hindrance than a help, failing to provide the quality of support that users expect.

You'll often find these bots being sold at low prices with seemingly generous allowances for automated responses. However, the lower cost is a reflection of their value. They may offer high quantities of automated replies, but the quality is compromised.

AwesomeQA: Precision, quality, and true automation in community management

Our bot stands out for its accuracy, leveraging your company's documentation, FAQs, and chat logs to provide spot-on answers. Already trusted by hundreds of communities on Discord and Telegram, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The success is largely due to our custom AI models in combination with the most advanced language models we employ. These elements work together to eliminate the need for constant oversight, ensuring that you get precise, problem-solving answers without the fluff. This way you can experience true automation benefits without compromising on quality.

More than just automated responses: A comprehensive suite for community support

AwesomeQA offers a suite of features designed to make you the best at community support:

  • Support Portal: Streamlines your support workflow by listing all unanswered questions from your Discord and Telegram communities. You can directly reply to these questions from the portal itself, ensuring no query goes unanswered.

  • FAQ Insights: Provides a bird's eye view of trending topics and frequently asked questions within your community. This helps you understand what your community is interested in and allows you to improve your product accordingly.

  • Analytics: Allows you to assess the bot's performance with metrics like response-to-question ratio, upvote ratio, and daily averages of questions received and answered. This ensures you can quickly review performance and take action when needed.

These features not only automate but also enhance the quality of your community support, making it a comprehensive solution for all your needs.

Not just another bot: Understanding the value of advanced support automation

Investing in this solution shouldn't be confused with adding another Discord bot that performs basic tasks like creating polls or sending welcome messages. While both may operate on Discord, they serve entirely different purposes.

This is not just a bot; it's an advanced-level support automation tool, powered by cutting-edge technology. Anticipating similar costs for both misunderstands the value and capabilities of this specialized tool. It's like comparing apples to oranges; both are fruit, but they serve different needs and tastes. Therefore, understanding the unique value of this tool is crucial when considering the investment.

Adapting to the new normal: The shift in customer expectations and behavior

The notion that people dislike interacting with machines for customer support is outdated. This may have been true in a less technologically advanced era, but times have changed. Today, we're increasingly tech-native and our priorities have shifted.

The focus is now on instant problem-solving and continuous process improvement. People don't want to wait; they want to move on with their lives. If a company refuses to adapt to the available technology to provide fast and efficient service, they risk losing customers to competitors who are willing to evolve.

Also, adding a human touch to customer support interactions hasn't always guaranteed satisfaction. In fact, frustrations and anger have often been part of these person-to-person exchanges. The root issue is that people don't like being stuck with a problem, and if the person on the other end can't solve it—which happens quite frequently—then the interaction leaves them dissatisfied.

Our data shows a different story when it comes to bot interactions. People are pleasantly surprised when the bot understands their issue and provides an accurate solution. It turns out that what customers have always wanted is effective problem-solving, regardless of whether it comes from a human or a machine.