Customer Support and AI: How it’s Done in 2024

Customer Support and AI: How it’s Done in 2024

Mar 27, 2024

Customers have an abundance of options in today's market, and capturing their attention and building loyalty to your brand is not an easy task.

Several factors play a role in achieving this task, from the quality of your products and services to your customer service. A deficiency in one aspect cannot be compensated by an excess in another. However, a lack in one area can tarnish the perfection of another.

This PwC report tells us that one out of three customers say that if they don't receive a good customer support experience even for once, they prefer not to stay with the company for further business. In the same report, you'll also read that 54% of U.S.-based consumers believe that the majority of companies need to improve their customer experience. So, you can imagine why AI is increasingly becoming part of this story at a rapid pace.

So if you've created an outstanding product, let's now focus on making your customer service outstanding too.


Do you have a community?

Nowadays, having a presence in communities, especially around platforms like Discord and Telegram, is crucial for your brand. As an example, you can also see in this blog that it's reported that 76.6% of customers wish that the brands they want to engage with have an online community.

So, if you haven't started building yours yet, it's time to do so because your competitors have likely already built theirs. This post here can help you with that!

Your community, such as a Discord server, is where your customers gather to learn about your product and resolve related issues.

This provides them with easy access and makes them feel more connected to the company/project because they know that assistance is always readily available to them.

The need for a better solution

Now that we have established the need for an online community, let’s talk about managing it, as that is a whole different challenge.

When thousands of customers ask questions in your community servers/channels, your team comes under a lot of pressure. This means they can't give proper attention to every customer, which is also clear to the customers and can lead to dissatisfaction with the company. So, instead of benefiting from having a community, such a situation turns into a loss.

On the other hand, if your customers are in different geographical locations, you also have the responsibility to provide 24/7 support. This means you need teams working in shifts day and night. Locally, it's often difficult to hire people who prefer to work at night, so you may need to hire internationally, which poses another challenge.

Issues like these can turn your community into a mess where the company struggles to manage or control the situation, resulting in damage to its image.

Now, because of these issues, you're not going to shut down your community, right? Because abandoning the benefits it provides just because of these challenges wouldn't be wise. So, it's clear that there must be a better solution in place.

How AI solves the problem

Bots like AwesomeQA, powered by AI technology, provide an easy solution to these issues.


  • Dealing with the issue of question volume: Your team may become overwhelmed with thousands of questions, but these bots don't face this problem. They can provide unlimited answers to questions in seconds. This allows your team to focus on the questions that truly require human attention. When every customer receives timely responses, having a community proves beneficial for both the company and the customers.

    This study shows that 53% of US customers have such low patience levels that if they don't receive immediate answers to their questions, they abandon their online shopping. This understanding can be applied in other situations as well where shopping is not involved because customer behavior and expectations remain the same.

  • The issue of assisting customers at odd times: Integrating AwesomeQA into your community is like hiring a 24/7 support agent who NEVER gets tired, takes breaks, gets frustrated, panics, and always resolves customers' issues with consistent attention and speed.

  • The issue of assisting every customer in their language: If there are international customers, then it's also important to provide support in their language. The old way was to hire different people for each language, bearing the cost and struggling with quality evaluation in support. There's no need to do anything extra with the bot because it automatically provides support in every language just like it does in English.

    Another study reports that 29% of businesses are forced to face customer losses simply because they cannot provide multilingual support.

Customers who use AI bots have generally observed that their usage can highlight gaps in their knowledge sources. For example, the AwesomeQA bot, when unable to provide an answer to a question, directly informs the team that information is missing and suggests adding it to the knowledge base. This way, companies can more easily keep their knowledge bases up to date.

Real-world Integration Examples

Using AI in customer support is not just an idea anymore but has become a reality for thousands of companies, and they are benefiting greatly from it.

Here are some examples of companies that use AwesomeQA daily:


This is a leading market for lending LRTs based on L2, with a Discord community of 195K members. On average, the AwesomeQA bot provides answers to around 3 to 5 thousand questions in this community in a month. Through the ratings of answers, we can see that community members are quite satisfied with the bot's responses.

ZeroLend's team easily manages such a busy community without any chaos through the use of the bot. If they were to achieve these results in any other way, it would likely incur significant costs, and even then, the same level of experience might not be attained. You might be surprised to hear that when ZeroLend started using AwesomeQA, there were only around 400 members in their community, and this was just a few months ago.


Scroll provides an easy-access scaling solution that preserves the essence of Ethereum and serves as an L2 network for Ethereum developers. They have a Discord community with 568K members. The AwesomeQA bot answers 2 to 3 thousand questions in their community every month, and just like ZeroLend, it's evident from their ratings that their community members are delighted with the instant support provided through this bot.

Like these two above, we can continue providing examples of communities where support automation is being used extensively. And you'll see in every case that everything is going great in these communities.

For a quick glimpse, you can look here for more featured communities using AwesomeQA. You can join these communities directly for a first-hand experience to see how their system is operating with automation for some inspiration.

The era of new possibilities

Using AI in customer support allows companies to fulfill those shortcomings that previously required unrealistic monetary investments. It's a solution for every size of company to enhance their customer experience.

Today, if someone is not in favor of using support automation bots, they're often those who have never tried it in a live community. Because once you do, the results will speak for themselves.

We ourselves see communities (our customers) doubling in size in this manner and elevating their customer support game to new heights. You too can take advantage of our 14-day free trial and experience AI in customer support first-hand!