Why using AI chatbots makes sense: Understanding your Discord community

Why using AI chatbots makes sense: Understanding your Discord community

Jan 11, 2024

Most people join a Discord server for one simple reason: they have questions. Now one might assume that since usually there are so many people on a server, getting an answer to a question shouldn’t be a problem at all, but it’s not quite the case.

Yes, they’ll most probably get a reply from a community member, but there is a high chance that it won’t solve their problem. For that, they need input from team members who are well-versed on the subject and probably the only ones reliable enough to provide them with the support they need.

Now the problem is they can’t be available 24/7, and even when they are available, they can’t pay the same level of attention to every person with a problem. That’s why using a bot on Discord is becoming more popular by the day. Why? We’ll explain now.


How does AI chatbot work?

Discord support game is changing, as now more and more communities are taking advantage of AI technology. And it’s for obvious reasons.

Simply put, you can pass on your expertise to a bot on Discord faster than you can to another person. These bots are capable of processing large volumes of data within just a few hours. So in a very short time, you can create a personal assistant who is as well-informed on the subject matter as yourself.

Take AwesomeQA for example, which provides you with a web app where you can copy-paste all the relevant URLs, and in only a few hours it becomes capable of answering any question that you could answer through those pages. Crazy, right? It’s no longer Sci-fi.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You invite the bot to your server in Discord.

Step 2: Upload URLs of your docs and add any FAQs to the knowledge base if you like.

Step 3: The bot scrapes through all of that + your Discord community chat history (that’s right, it can do that too)

AND TADA! 2 - 3 hours later you have an expert onboard, ready to handle all queries, 24/7, in ALL LANGUAGES

And what would something like that cost? You ask.

An AI chatbot’s cost can vary because they aren't all made equal.

These things run on large language models (LLMs); some are cheap, and some are expensive.

And so, companies that focus on keeping their prices low opt for the cheaper ones and those that are dead-set on quality and performance don’t compromise and incorporate the best s*** available. Of course, that means higher costs.

But before your imagination starts running wild, you can rest assured that they cost nothing like hiring and training someone overseas so they can handle support in your Discord server in different time zones and languages. Wayyyy less than that.

Fun task: Try ones running on GPT 3.5 and those on GPT 4 turbo and see which AI chatbot produces a better response.

P.S. Whatever you do, please don’t compare them to basic utility Discord bots. Please.

Do they have access to the internet?

When you’re using an AI chatbot for customer service, you don’t use bots like chatGPT with plugins that can access the internet as you want to be in control. What do I mean by that?

The Internet can be a wild place as there’s all kinds of information there. Now you wouldn’t want your bot on Discord to start answering your community questions using sources you don’t trust.

That’s why, in most cases, their knowledge is restricted to the sources you provide. At least, that’s how it is with AwesomeQA.

This way, the bot only answers questions when they can be answered using those sources and stays quiet when it can’t instead of hallucinating aka making stuff up.

Coming back to your Discord community

Right, so the main reason people join these servers as we’ve established earlier is because they want to be comforted with awareness. Because not knowing things causes them to lose sleep at night.

They have tons of questions that they shoot at you day and night from all sides.

Now, I know you might have all these ideas about why they are there, and for sure, they want to be part of the events and all the other cool things happening there, but we see time and time again that all these additional perks are appreciated once their basic needs are met.

Now up until recently, the only way to fulfil those needs was to:

  1. Say goodbye to life, and dedicate 100% of your time and energy to handling support.

  2. Or still say goodbye to life, and dedicate 100% of your time and energy to training and monitoring staff overseas.

But, fortunately, now there’s a better way.

Other AI chatbot benefits

Besides giving you your life back and being a lifesaver for your community around the clock, these bots can:

  • Allow your projects to grow like never before (all that saved time can now be spent doing better things like building growth strategies, strengthening relationships with the community, etc.)

  • Cut down your moderation and management costs by like a lot! So not only are you making anyone else besides yourself suffer by answering the same question 50 times a day, but you also get to save a ton of money that you can invest in more promising places.

And besides all that, this is the future, so adapt and flourish like these great communities here.