Customer Experiences with AwesomeQA from the likes of AAVE, Dune, and Scroll

Customer Experiences with AwesomeQA from the likes of AAVE, Dune, and Scroll

Dec 6, 2023

Everyone knows it's good for business if community members get answers to their questions right away without waiting. That's why most companies try really hard to make this possible. But it's tough to do this the old-fashioned way because of its limits.

For example, hiring and managing people from all over the world to help out with different languages and at different times on Discord or Telegram is not easy. First, you have to train them, then you have to watch over their work to make sure they are helping the community or not, and all of this takes a lot of time and resources to do, which can be very costly for most companies.

The good news is, nowadays, AI-powered bots have abilities that before you could only wish for. All the support-related work that used to fall on your shoulders using old methods can be eliminated by simply adding a bot to your platform.

A bot can solve your community members' problems in seconds, 24/7, in any language, using the knowledge sources you provide. There's no training cost, it takes 5 mins to set up, and you don't need the heavy supervision like before. Sounds awesome, right? Let’s explore this further.


If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t

Let's make one thing clear. There is no magic formula here. Nobody is saying that you don't need people for support anymore. The point is simple: with support automation, you can cut your costs a lot, maybe even by half or more. 

For example, instead of hiring 7 to 8 moderators, now just 1 or 2 will do if you team them up with a bot. Similarly, at every step, you can save your time and resources easily with automation compared to how things were done before. 

This is something that more and more companies are starting to realize, and in this blog, we will take a peek into some of those communities that took the first step toward automating their support and tried out AwesomeQA. 

What does Dune have to say about AwesomeQA?

A few years ago, Dune decided to add our bot to their Discord server. Now their community has 40,000 members, and they are so happy with the bot’s performance that they even expressed their contentment with it on Twitter:

And here’s what they said in an interview we had with Team Dune recently, “We have been super impressed with the product that the AwesomeQA team has built. They did AI stuff before AI even was cool and it really shows in their product. They are not riding some wave here, they are actually deeply involved with the underlying technologies and are leveraging this deep knowledge to build a product that helps both us and our customers.” Read the full story here. 

You can go right ahead and check out their Discord server right now, and here’s an example of what you’ll see:

You can do the same for AAVE:

Or Scroll:

Or for any community where AwesomeQA is being used, and you'll notice people's problems being solved fast and the community growing well. Swagtimus from Scroll put it beautifully:

There’s more happening on Twitter

Dune wasn’t the only one to express their contentment on Twitter, in fact, recently this was what Chainflip tweeted:

The AwesomeQA bot is effectively solving 30+ community problems on their Discord server daily!

Besides that, there are companies like Dodo and Ocean Protocol that are actively taking advantage of the most recent features of our product, such as our website chatbot launched a few months back, and here’s what their excitement looks like:

We are grateful to all these communities for taking the first step and giving us a chance. It’s so fulfilling to see that every other day there’s someone expressing their contentment with our tool on social media. 

And the good thing about AwesomeQA is that it’s of great help for communities of all sizes. We have Discord/Telegram servers with 2K members enjoying and benefiting from the tool as much as the ones with 500K+ members. 

Speaking of 500K+ members, Verasity comes to mind who besides actively being vocal about our bot on Twitter, shared the following in a recent interview with us: “AwesomeQA is a next-gen community management and support tool that really makes it feel as though you're living in the future. It's easy to train and deploy, and works seamlessly across all of our channels, stepping in with accurate answers at any time of the day or night. It's hard to imagine how we moderated our ever-growing community without it.” Read the full story here.

What about the community members?

Okay, it’s established: our customers are super happy. But can the same be said for the community members who are being answered by the bot? Fortunately, YES!

Turns out the whole idea that people won’t like a bot answering their questions was nothing but one big misconception. How do we know? 

  1. 500+ communities including pretty large and reputable ones simply wouldn’t be using AwesomeQA and growing twice in size if that was the case. 

  2. We have collected information about this directly from the servers where the bot is active in the shape of a bot-generated response likability ratio which is calculated by taking the percentage of the replies that were upvoted by the community and here’s an example of what we see: 

And if numbers alone aren’t doing a good job of painting the right picture, take a look at some of these examples where you’ll see the exact reactions of community members:

Companies happy ✅ Community happy ✅ What about you?

We understand that integrating new technology into your existing processes isn't easy, particularly when everything is functioning smoothly, and there are no major issues with the current methods. However, our most important question for you is this: Are you satisfied with your current support system? Is there room for improvement? If your answer is yes, then you should certainly consider trying it out.

Proactively pursuing new and better solutions is the key to improvement. And if the new option is AwesomeQA—a tool endorsed by numerous reputable companies and supported by ample evidence of its effectiveness—you're likely to enjoy positive results similar to those experienced by our customers.